As a self-professed ultra creative person, I never stop being or thinking about being creative. It’s what fuels my work, makes me passionate and keeps me up at night. I kid you not,  I got out of bed at 1 am to write this (sorry wife!).  Being this way is a double edged sword. I am always chasing a creative high or falling into a creative slump. In order to fuel this drive, I have paintings all over my house, guitars in every nook and cranny of my office and I am complete camera hoarder.

How I keep myself happy and sane in the creative department:

1. Do Personal Projects! I can not stress this enough. When I am NOT shooting I am painting. I literally owe a large part of my photography career to oil painting. It’s helped me slow down, think about composition and gain a better understanding of light.

Senior Photography - Phipps Conservatory - Steven Dray Images_0439

2. Different and new photography projects are a must.  You can always apply the things you learn to your ‘bread and butter’ work. I frequently shoot real-estate photography which greatly improves my sense for space in a room. This comes in VERY handy for weddings and special events.

Senior Photography - Phipps Conservatory - Steven Dray Images_0441

3. Shoot Film. I know you might not typically use film but it can be fun and challenging. Grab an old camera, buy a roll of film and let it do what it was made to do. I am an instant film junky so I take my polaroids out all the time, even on paid photoshoots. I absolutely love the photos that come from film.

Senior Photography - Phipps Conservatory - Steven Dray Images_0440

4. Work on new techniques. I often call my little brother to practice new photography methods–day or night! I test flash, film, gear, techniques you name it. I have learned so so much from doing this and since the shoots are always really creative and low pressure, it is very rewarding. I then take what I learn and apply it to the next paid gig.

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5. Stop making excuses. I am a Dadographer. I watch my amazing (but very mobile and busy) 10 month old daughter  five days a week.  I don’t use this as an excuse to not be creative but rather allow her to inspire me to better myself and my craft. I want her to be just as proud of me as I am of her!  Hope this post stirred your creativity! Now I’m off to a shoot 🙂

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